What is your hottest sauce? 

The Carrot Habanero Ginger and Sriracha are about the same level of heat. They are both pretty spicy (about a 7 on a scale from 1-10). 

Ok, then which one should I buy for the spice-lover in my life? 

If you want classic, go for the Sriracha. If you want unique, go for the Carrot Habanero Ginger. If you want to really wow the spice-lover in your life, buy both!

I don't see your Spicy Vegan Pesto for sale on your site! WAH! HOW DO I GET A JAR?!

We don't sell the Spicy Vegan Pesto online because it is a fresh, perishable product (i.e. it needs to stay nice and cool in the fridge). We are exploring ways to cold ship it in the future, but as of now it is only available at our weekly farmers' markets. So, the short answer is you're just going to have to book a trip to San Diego. 

What should I put your sauces on? 

Whatever the heck you want! Have fun. Try something new. Experiment. 

I'm going to need a little more guidance than that...

Sriracha - eggs, soups, marinades, stir-fry.
Carrot Habanero - fish, chicken, roasted veggies, anything wrapped in a tortilla.
Lemongrass BBQ - pork, chicken, fish, tofu, portobello mushrooms.
Spicy Vegan Pesto - pasta, pizza, sandwiches, omelettes. 

Also, you can check out our recipe page for more ideas. 

Are your sauces vegan? 

Our Sriracha, Carrot Habanero Ginger, and Spicy Vegan Pesto are 100% vegan and gluten-free. Our Lemongrass BBQ has honey in it, so some vegans may pass on that one. Also, Lemongrass BBQ includes soy sauce, so if you have a gluten intolerance you may want to steer clear. 

I've had a jar of your Sriracha in the back of my fridge for a year. Am I going to die if I eat it?

No, you will not die. Our Sriracha, Carrot Habanero Ginger, and Lemongrass BBQ are all shelf-stable products before opening. Once they are opened they should be good in your fridge for a very long time because they are vinegar-based. We do not add any additional preservatives or additives, so you will likely see some natural separation. Just give that jar a shake and you should be good to go. 

What about your Spicy Vegan Pesto? I bought a jar last weekend at the farmers' market and left it in my car for a few days. Is it still good? 

The Spicy Vegan Pesto is different! This product is perishable and needs to stay refrigerated. It is best when eaten fresh and should be polished off within 2-3 weeks of purchase (not 2-3 weeks after opening!). If you forgot to put it in the refrigerator and it's been baking in your car or sitting on your counter for a few days YOU SHOULD NOT EAT IT. 

Why the name Baby Clydesdale?

Because all our sauces have a little kick!