Tacos de Camarones

Hi! We’re Tiffany and Tico of Cookes in the Kitchen, a San Diego-based Instagram account devoted to food and the tasty art that comes from the thoughtful preparation of said food. We met Dave and Justine of Baby Clydesdale months ago at the Little Italy Mercato in San Diego; and while we are definitely one of the many who taste, smile, then proceed to the next booth, once we laid the Baby Clydesdale sauces on our tongues, well... the rest is history.

From customers to friends to co-conspirators, we offer up to you a collaboration between the artists behind Baby Clydesdale and Cookes in the Kitchen. We hope you enjoy this journey, and we figured what better way to kick off this partnership than with a classic Southern California dish: Tacos de Camarones! 

STAR OF THE SHOW: Baby Clydesdale’s Carrot Habanero Ginger 

Here's the plan: grilled white shrimp marinated in the carrot habanero ginger sauce then topped with guacamole and mango purée. Oh, you better believe there is some hot sauce in that purée, too!

This dish is all about balancing flavors - with the kick of the sauce perfectly complimenting the tropical fruitiness of the mango.  


Who doesn’t love a tasty, tropical purée?!?! Do what pleases you, because we are definitely doing what pleases us. 

Think of guacamole like your suitcase for an overnight trip: pack lightly. Avocado, cilantro, lime juice, S&P, and some love. Let the avocado reign supreme by highlighting its flavor, not masking it with too many ingredients.


As for the marinade, this is where the rocket science comes into play. Salt. Pepper. Cilantro. Olive oil. Baby Clydesdale Carrot Habanero Ginger sauce. Blast off.

GRILL, BABY, GRILL! After an hour of marinating, place that shrimp on a medium-high grill (or griddle) and watch it turn a beautiful color. Feel free to sneak yourself a few pieces when no one is looking. You’re the chef, after all!

Ingredients (makes roughly 5 tacos):

  • Shrimp: one (1) pound of peeled and deveined white shrimp, tails removed; tablespoon of olive oil; teaspoon of salt; teaspoon of pepper; tablespoon of Baby Clydesdale Carrot Habanero Ginger hot sauce
  • Mango Purée: 2 cups of chopped mango; 1/3 cup of chopped red onion; 1/3 cup of chopped red bell pepper; juice of one (1) lime; juice of ½ lemon; one (1) clove of garlic; ¼ cup of chopped cilantro; salt, pepper, and Baby Clydesdale Carrot Habanero Ginger hot sauce to taste
  • Guacamole: two (2) avocados; juice of one (1) lime; cilantro, salt, and pepper to taste 
  • For Serving: 5 tortillas (corn, flour, or vegan); lime wedges; cilantro


  • Marinating and Grilling Shrimp: Add all marinade ingredients into a bowl and mix in the shrimp until evenly coated. Let the shrimp sit for up to an hour before placing on grill/griddle. On a medium-high grill/griddle, place each shrimp and cook for 2-3 minutes, each side. 
  • Making Guacamole: Mix around the ingredients, but be sure to remove the avocado fruit from its shell beforehand. You’ve now discovered the cure for bachelorhood. 
  • That Mango Purée: Place all ingredients into a blender/Cuisinart, and pulse for up to ten seconds. You don’t want a sauce, you want a purée! Add more salt and pepper to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients, and if you like more kick, you know what else to add!!!
  • Serving: Warm up those tortillas, drop some deliciously grilled shrimp in, top it with some of that freshly made guacamole, then add the showstopper mango purée. Definitely squeeze some lime juice on top so that people don’t think you’re an amateur taco eater.


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