Spicy Spaghetti & Sausage

When we (@cookesinthekitchen) relocated to San Diego from Chicago in 2012, we settled in San Diego’s beautiful Little Italy neighborhood, and it's one of the wisest decisions we’ve ever made. There’s a multitude of reasons why we loved it so much: the authentic Italian restaurants and fooderies, the overall relaxed vibe the neighborhood offered, it's proximity to downtown and the San Diego Bay. But our deep infatuation was most heavily driven by the Saturday farmers' market mere steps from our front door.

Over the last few years we've become devotes of our neighborhood farmers' market. It's changed the way we eat, shop for, and think about food! This recipe is an ode to our love for our weekly market and the local purveyors we've befriended in the last few years.

STAR OF THE SHOW: Baby Clydesdale Spicy Vegan Pesto

IT'S ABOUT TIME: Cooking is always about timing, and this meal certainly requires it. You want the sausage cooked through at the same time your pasta is done cooking, but quite frankly, it’s okay if the former is done beforehand, as long as you keep it warm and don’t overcook it too much. So, start heating that pasta water at the same time you begin cooking the sausage. The sausage should cook at medium heat on the stovetop until cooked through, first sautéing some minced garlic in olive oil, then adding the sausage and finishing with some salt, pepper, and fresh herbs (think basil and oregano) as you stir it frequently.

When the sausage is almost cooked through, the pasta water should be at a boil, at which point you want to add some salt and your fresh pasta (or boxed pasta if you’re a normal person who doesn’t have time to hit up pasta shops like us). If it’s fresh, you’ll only have to cook it for 3-4 minutes, otherwise follow your boxed pasta timing instructions.

Once the pasta is nice and al dente, strain it and throw it right into your cooked sausage hanging out in the frying pan. Sounds yummy, right? Hold on, as the best is yet to come! Remember that jar of Spicy Vegan Pesto you bought from Baby Clydesdale? Now is the time to open it up and dump the ENTIRE bottle into the frying pan and toss it all around with some tongs. BOOM!!!

MAKE IT INSTA WORTHY: Plate the dish using your tongs, trying to get some sausage on top. Then, add some freshly grated parmigiana cheese. Wow, your followers just jumped 37%. You’re famous!! 


  • Pasta: one pound of fresh or boxed pasta (we prefer fresh, handmade bucatini from Assenti’s Pasta on India Street in Little Italy, but anything would work); and don’t forget the salt for the water!!!
  • Sausage: one pound of mild/hot Italian sausage (we used ground mild Italian sausage from the amazing team at Da-Le Ranch); ½ tsp. of salt & pepper; tbsp. of olive oil; one minced clove of garlic; chopped, fresh herbs (basil/oregano)
  • SAUCE:  Baby Clydesdale Spicy Vegan Pesto


  • Heat a frying pan to medium, and sauté some olive oil and minced garlic until the garlic is soft. Add your sausage, then salt, pepper and fresh herbs. Stir until the sausage is fully cooked through.
  • When your sausage is close to fully cooked, you’ll want your pasta water already boiling. Add a dash of salt to the boiling water and throw in your pasta, cooking it per the instructions provided.
  • Once the pasta is al dente, strain it then dump it into your sausage right smack in the frying pan.
  • Add a whole jar of Spicy Vegan Pesto from Baby Clydesdale and mix all the ingredients together.
  • Serve and add some grated parmigiana cheese to your liking.  

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