Basil Chicken

Ingredients (two servings):

  • Chicken Breasts: one (1) pound of chicken breasts; one (1) tbsp low-sodium soy sauce; one (1) tbsp fish sauce; two (2) tbsp Baby Clydesdale Lemongrass BBQ
  • Garlic Paste: five (5) garlic cloves; one (1) tbsp. Baby Clydesdale Sriracha
  • Basil: three (3) cups FRESH basil; seriously, make sure the basil is fresh and not from that jar in the back of your cupboard
  • For Serving: one (1) cup uncooked Jasmine rice

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    Pork Bánh Mì

    Ingredients (roughly 3 servings)

    • Pork Belly: one (1) pound of pork belly; Baby Clydesdale Lemongrass BBQ; S&P
    • Pickled Vegetables: sliced carrots, sliced radishes, ½ cup of white wine vinegar; ½ cup of sugar; 1 tbsp. of salt; 4 cloves; 1 bay leaf; ½ tsp. of caraway seed and coriander seed; 6 garlic cloves, sliced  
    • Baguette: fresh French baguette 
    • Spicy Mayo: 1/2 cup of mayonnaise; Baby Clydesdale Sriracha; S&P
    • For Serving: fresh cilantro, sliced Persian cucumbers

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    Easy Peasy Pesto Pasta

    Ingredients (roughly three servings, but we’re pigs):

    • Pasta: one (1) pound of fresh Radiatori from our local pasta maker (you can substitute with a box of penne or fusilli or even bow ties) 
    • Sautéed Spinach: three (3) cups of washed spinach, four (4) cloves of garlic, two (2) tablespoons of olive oil, S&P to taste
    • Sun-dried Tomatoes: eight (8) ounce jar of sun dried tomatoes in pure olive oil 
    • Pesto: take a guess… yes, it’s a WHOLE jar of Baby Clydesdale Spicy Vegan Pesto
    • Chicken Cutlets: three (3) chicken cutlets, S&P for seasoning 
      • If vegetarian or vegan: sub chicken for one (1) can of chickpeas
    • For Serving: freshly grated Parmesan cheese 
      • If vegetarian or vegan: sub Parmesan for nutritional yeast

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    Tacos de Camarones

    Ingredients (makes roughly 5 tacos):

    • Shrimp: one (1) pound of peeled and deveined white shrimp, tails removed; tablespoon of olive oil; teaspoon of salt; teaspoon of pepper; tablespoon of Baby Clydesdale Carrot Habanero Ginger hot sauce
    • Mango Purée: 2 cups of chopped mango; 1/3 cup of chopped red onion; 1/3 cup of chopped red bell pepper; juice of one (1) lime; juice of ½ lemon; one (1) clove of garlic; ¼ cup of chopped cilantro; salt, pepper, and Baby Clydesdale Carrot Habanero Ginger hot sauce to taste
    • Guacamole: two (2) avocados; juice of one (1) lime; cilantro, salt, and pepper to taste 
    • For Serving: 5 tortillas (corn, flour, or vegan); lime wedges; cilantro

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